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Ouni is an independent director based in Belgium.

A decade in PR & Communication - working for clients in the fashion, music and lifestyle industry - culminated in a natural transition towards directing. As the founder of APolaroidStory.Com she developed and nurtured a passion for run and gun documentary content, in depth long format interviews and combined that with her love for music and Polaroids, always chasing to capture the reality behind an instant moment. This backdrop gave her the steppingstones to discover the different realms of storytelling, whether it is writing, producing, editing or directing. Growing up as a teenager in the MTV music videos era influenced her perspective, leaving her with a high appreciation for music videos. Having worked as a model since her early teens influenced the aesthetic nature of her body of work. As a director, she is constantly looking for new opportunities to grow in visualising the past, the now and the future. She approaches every new project as an opportunity to become a better storyteller.

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